Ways you can help Educate. Advocate.

Educate. Advocate. participates in a variety of outreach programs and some of these endeavors have costs associated with them. These costs vary and include: our website and domain name, PO Box, postage, envelopes, paper, ink just to  name a few of the costs. We put on events that have included conferences. We have monthly family friendly events. We have an annual Christmas event.  We participate in legislation, letter writing and more that directly effect the families we serve.


Please consider assisting our organization with a direct donation using paypal www.paypal.com and our email address is educateadvocateca@educateadvocateca.com

Directly mail a donation check to

Educate. Advocate. 

PO Box 1011 

Guasti, CA  91743 


Below are some ways to help Educate. Advocate. at no cost to you.


Amazon for Educate. Advocate.


Ralphs​ Do you have a Ralphs Rewards Card? If you shop there be sure to get one and make sure you register it online and sign up to contribute to Educate. Advocate. in the Ralphs Community Contribution Program. Our number is 92845 and you must register every year on or after September 1st.


Autism on the Seas Planning to take a Cruise? Please be sure to use Autism on the Seas Foundation and mention Educate. Advocate with Discount Code ND-019.

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