Recent OAH (Office of Administrative Hearings) hearings involving SB 277 and students on an IEP

August 14, 2018 Order Granting Stay Put for student on an IEP SB 277 Chino Valley Unified School District
"Notwithstanding Parent’s refusal to immunize Student with all the normally required
immunizations, Student’s last agreed upon and implemented IEP from Bellflower required placement in a school environment, with specified services. Student’s Bellflower September 8, 2017 IEP specifically required placement in a preschool environment, with specified services. Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code, section 120335, subdivision (h) Student is not prohibited accessing these.1 Home instruction cannot replace the placement and services in the September 8, 2017, IEP and thus is not stay put.."."Accordingly, Student’s stay put is the placement and services specified in the Bellflower September 8, 2017 IEP."
SB 277 Chino Valley Unified School Distr[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [411.3 KB]
October 9, 2017 SB 277 Office of Administrative Hearing granting stay put to student on an IEP
"SB 277 was originally introduced on February 9, 2015, and it contained no language
concerning children with IEP’s."
"The Legislative Counsel, in an analysis of SB 277 dated June 11, 2015, on page 14 stated “Special education students must have access to services,” as the rationale for subdivision (h). The IDEA is federal law that obligates states to educate all students, including those with a disability. Children who qualify for special education pursuant to the IDEA are given IEP’s. A plain reading of subdivision (h) reveals that a school district is obligated to provide any student with an IEP, placement and services as specified in the IEP, and this, in effect creates an exemption from vaccination for these children."
2017090407 Order Granting Stay Put.pdf
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Need the advice or help of an Attorney or Advocate for your student on an IEP?

If your school district is not allowing your student on an IEP access their education, supports and services listed in their IEP and you need advice or help we have advocates and attorneys that can help you. A few of these are:





Cara Lucier

701 Palomar Airport Road Suite #300

Carlsbad, CA  92011

Phone: (760) 717-3451



Elizabeth Eubanks

12227 Philadelphia Street
Whittier, CA 90601
Phone: (562) 360-1728




Shannon Primer

(760) 535-5858

Oceanside, CA


Shannon Thompson

(858) 353-2769

Sample Exemption Letter to Schools

SB277- Sample Exemption Letter to Schools This letter can and should be turned in to your school or school district at any time APPLICABLE FOR ALL STUDENTS
SB277- Sample Exemption Letter to School[...]
Microsoft Word document [14.5 KB]

Information for Students on an IEP

September 7, 2016 Press Release Students IEP (PDF) Judge Sabraw
Press Release Students IEP Judge Sabraw.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [110.0 KB]

Guide for School Districts, Superintendents, School Board members implementing SB 277

Guide for School Districts, Superintendents, School Board Members SB 277 School District Guide
SB 277 School District Guide 11 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [328.4 KB]

Personal Belief Exemption and Religious Belief Exemption Forms pre SB 277

California Department of Public Health CDPH Form 8262
Personal Belief Exemption or Religious Belief Exemption was to be turned in by December 31, 2015. If and when vaccines are added to the mandatory schedule for students in California, the Personal Belief Exemption can be utilized for those vaccines added to the schedule.
Adobe Acrobat document [895.2 KB]
Religious Belief Exemption Sample
A personal belief exemption can also be a religious exemption. Here is a sample of what it looks like
Religious Belief Exemption.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [762.2 KB]

Medical Exemption Information

Medical Exemption California
Medical Exemption California 11 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [199.1 KB]

Information and Sample Letter on Flu Mist Vaccine

Shedding and/or Asymptomatic Carriers
Flu Must Vaccine Template Letter for Schools
Flu Mist Vaccine Template Letter for Sch[...]
Microsoft Word document [11.9 KB]

Information on HPV

HPV Vaccine.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [246.1 KB]

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